About us

The Goodwill Network was designed to help our community. It began from a vision I had to make a difference, by "helping others to help themselves". I became aware that many businesses were closing, not being able to keep up with the moving times. This was through a lack of finance or knowledge in the importance and aquisition of an online presence and robust systems. Additionally, many young business minded people were unable to start, due to costs set by other tech companies. 

With a wealth of experience through many years in the IT field as a service professional, and qualifications in an array of top Information Technology disciplines, the task began of unlocking the potential of Goodwill, to help provide a more rewarding future for all.

How can you help us

We would love for our services to be accessible for all. You can support us by connecting with us on social media and letting your friends know about the Goodwill Network.

Our Portfolio

Community work