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As a black owned business ourselves, the Goodwill Network understands and has experienced the social bias which has been happening from before we were born. The year 2020, marks the year of clear vision, clarity and change.

In support of this we want to extend our goodwill and help black businesses get online with a professional website and establish their business with rock solid IT infrastructures. Please use this form to contact us direct or feel free to browse our website to see what we offer.

There are many places where you can get a website. Unfortunately a pretty website doesn't mean more customers. There is a little more to it, if you want to be successful online (which nobody seems to tell you, until there trying to sell you another service). That is why we created our Onestop website platform to be that difference.

We like to be transparent. Our services are usually £25p/m (Although we are running some promotional offers). So unlike other companies, we will not bankrupt you. Our measure of success is "how many people we have been able to help", NOT "how much money is in the bank". This puts you in a good place, as people are always victim to a companies measure of success.

Together we stand, divided we fall. So give us the chance to "help you, to help yourself".

"Black in business", is the Goodwill Networks black owned business support. Goodwill is universal and doesn’t change the heart of our business of helping ALL who need it.

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If you would like to support the Goodwill Network, you can use the below link to make a secure donation via paypal

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