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With everything going online, our communities have been left with generations of people, feeling isolated and ill equipt to function in society as a whole. 

The Goodwill Network have worked with several organisations and community groups to make a difference. Bournville Community Hub, Crosspoint Hub, Bournville Village Trust, (formally) Networking Mummies and the Busy Parents Network, to name a few. We provided free digital support and advice and focused workshops to equip local residents, for things digital. Not forgetting our younger generations, who have been birthed in the technology era. The Goodwill Network setup Kids Coding classes, to provide programming lessons for children from local schools and community groups, to help the children think outside of the box, by creating web solutions to help shape there future.

This has been a great success, with a transformative result on peoples outlook of technology, providing them with the freedom to use technology at will, with a new found knowledge and confidence.

goodwill network community

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