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This article was created for those wanting to create a website and are looking specifically for a company in the Uk. Upon my findings there were over 60 thousand web design agencies globally, but you have probably only heard of six of them, which have marketing budgets which only a few can match.

So where do you get a website made. There are of course many factors to consider some of which have been covered in some of my other articles
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Does it matter if my web hosting company is based on the other side of the world. On the outlook you wouldn’t think so. However your website will be governed by the laws of that land.

There are only a few companies which have there own inhouse website builder or content management system to create websites. Many agencies rely on others platforms. The draw back to designers using third party platforms is, they are limited to the functionality of the platform. Its like being put in a box and told you can do anything you want as long as you stay inside the box; Anything outside of that is not permitted. However if the company has there own platform, they are able to strategically add as many functions as they want to ensure the customer has a fit for purpose solution.


Bespoke Solution
A bespoke Solution are for those which have a niche project. Development agencies in this market sector, will be able to create a solution from the ground up, tailored to your needs. This is suited to those who have the budget to accommodate and require a level of customisation which will only suit there purposes. A project of this magnitude is a lot of work, so development tends to span over a longer period of time.


Wordpress Websites
What really is Wordpress, you may be asking. This is one of the most common third party platforms used by design agencies. Wordpress is FREE (to designers), and comes with many free templates to get you started. However design agencies may opt to apply a template which range from free up to $100 for a premium design. But then they charge the customer hundreds or thousands, to copy and paste text into the wordpress system. The problem with Wordpress is because it is free and can be installed on any server, hackers also have access to the code blue prints, which make the platform work. So its not uncommon for a wordpress website to be hacked. If you type in a google search, "wordpress hack" you will be amazed by your findings.

But wordpress is not all negative, there are some great tools included to accommodate many industries. And in some cases, larger design agencies may have inhouse developers which can create custom plugins for its users.

What happens when you wish to update your website, are there more costs involved. Can you do it yourself using a management system. These are all factors to consider, as it may cost you a lot down the line. Be it monetary, time or even having to create a new website from scratch.

So you've started out your online venture sharing information with people. However you quickly realise that this information is valuable and want to start packaging it up and selling it. But you realise there is a big price difference to be able to have the facility enabled on your website, to sell to your customers. Why you may ask, as it costs the company nothing to enable this feature. It comes down to capitalising on your needs. But not all providers have this price tearing system, so plan ahead.

With technology changing so fast, what happens when a new technology emerges. Do you need to start your website again, what are the cost to implement it, how quickly can it be done. These are all factors to consider.

Every website is starting to look the same. Or is it that some platforms are being used more than others. So the question is, what do you do if you want to stand out. Is it time to use a platform which everybody else isn't using.

One thing which you must really ensure is that it works on a mobile, as well as it works on a PC. Unfortunately there are still designers out there which create websites that are not "responsive".

So which option is really right for you, as there is so much to consider. Yes the Goodwill Network has its own platform to create and manage your website (Onestop Website Service), so feel free to check it out, as we used it to create this website. We built the platform to address many of the issues mentioned above and it only costs £25pm with zero addon costs, free updates, free innovative function updates and no tearing systems.

But hey, if you already have a website, you will know its so much more than having pretty pictures and some text (check out SEO - Search Engine Optimisation). As long as your design company doesn’t tie you into a crazy contract you can always move and try another. But be sure to learn from your past. There is a solution which will suit you out there, you just need to find it.

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