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How easy is it to create good website content.

bullet_blue.gif where do you start?

bullet_blue.gif what should you write about?

bullet_blue.gif who is your target audience?

bullet_blue.gif what keywords should you use?

Are just some of the questions you may be already, or should be asking yourself.

On the web, content is key; And it is important that it can engage your readers, as well as speak to search engines. Many individuals have decided to use third party companies (content writers) to do this for them. But what is the true cost of this. There is a fee to write the content as you would expect, but you also regain your time back by doing so (which also costs). But who is best suited to write the content, as not all content writers have indepth experience within your field, to be able to write content to speak to your target audience, but they may know how to speak to search engines. You however know your business inside and out, and addressing those questions your visitors want to know about is easy, but understanding how to write for the web will require some additional learning on your behalf. Finding the right solution to meet your objective is key, but be realistic about it.

Another thing to consider is, who is stealing your content. You may be suprised by how many people copy and paste information from others websites and use it on there own 'masterpiece'. Little do they know, they are doing themselves more harm than good, as Google likes unique content, and will demote your website listing if it suspects you have copied it from another source. This may get you thinking, "who has done this to your website and is it impacting your listing?" which too are a valid questions. I will write an article shortly showing you tools to check this out for yourself.

With this website created using the Goodwill Networks Onestop Website Service, a simple click of a button, added some coding to prevent the average person copying the content. The platform was able to identify all of the keywords automatically (enabling me to make changes to ensure the correct words were targeted); It created the titles and submitted the page for indexing in search engines just by clicking the 'save' button. So if you are a beginner or seasoned professional, the onestop website service is a great marketing tool, which takes the complexity out of creating great content. In fact it goes as far as telling you if your content is missing things which will help you rank. But for our clients who have content, but require help with the web, they just send over an email and we do it for them, free of charge. 

As briefly hinted above, the platform which your content is created on, will also play a large part in your online success. As a good website is not just about pretty pictures and text. So consider and ask yourself, is your solution working for you or do you need to rethink how to best achieve your goals.

good website content
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