Customer booster raffle


The Goodwill Network understands that looking after your existing customers, is equally as important as gaining new opportunities. Therefore we have introduced our new monthly customer booster raffle, to support our existing users. This is but another way, in which we will continue to support our clients.


How does it work

Each month the Goodwill Network, will start a number draw on our facebook group "Goodwill Network News".


How to Enter

bullet_blue.gif You must be an active user of the Goodwill Network Onestop Website service.

bullet_blue.gif You must be connect to us on our Facebook "Goodwill Network News Group"

bullet_blue.gif When we publish the monthly draw, you will need to comment a number in order to be entered into the draw. to win the free booster. 


What will you win

bullet_green.gif A free SEO review, which we will work to address any issues we find (free of charge).

bullet_green.gif We will market your website, and get you an additional two thousand visitors within that month (free of charge).

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