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By default many people have become to know and love Google for managing their email (yourname@gmail.com). However, sometimes a need may arise for you to have a professional name associated with a domain name, for business and personal use (Yourname@yourbusiness.com)

This can be accomplished via Google in a simple six step process. This will ensure you can send and receive email, using your new domain, without having to change all of your previous settings on your devices. Please note, I have created this article (including screen shots), on my phone using the "Onestop Website Service", so if you follow this guide on a pc or laptop, things maybe layed out slightly different on Google.

By clicking the "Lets get started" button, it will divert you to Google, to the screen shot page, displayed below in Step 1.

Lets get started


Step 1


Click on the button saying “get google workspace with google domains”

Step 2


Click the button saying "find the perfect one" (referring to finding your domain name)

Step 3


At the top of the screen where the magnifying glass is, type the name of the domain you want, then click search (or enter) and you will be presented with results once google has determined its availability.

Step 4


If your chosen domain is available, click the shopping cart icon next to it, to add it to your order. Alternatively suggestions for alternate domains will be presented below, which you can select.

Once selected, click on the "go to cart" text on your screen, or the shopping cart item at the top of your screen to progress your order.

Step 5


Ensure "privacy protection" is selected, and select the google workspace package that is appropriate to you.

The "basic package of 30gb storage" should be sufficient, but can be upgraded later.

Step 6


Scroll down, and fill in your details and confirm your order. If you already have a google account and are signed in, these details maybe present, so just confirm your order.

bullet_blue.gif You will now be able to send and receive from your new email address from within gmail.

bullet_blue.gif Have email forwarding included

bullet_blue.gif Choose useful aliases for your business, such as info@, help@ or bookings@your-business.com.

bullet_blue.gif Use with your existing gmail account

bullet_blue.gif Link your aliases to your current email address, in Gmail or elsewhere, to receive all of your messages in one place.

bullet_blue.gif Send custom messages from any alias

bullet_blue.gif If you use Gmail as your primary email, you can customise the 'From' field to send from any alias.

As of July/Aug 2023, Google sold its domain service to the provider Squarespace. This article is therefore no longer applicable.

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