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For those of us who took the steps to home educate our children, I personally can say this was one of the best decision myself and my wife made. But if that wasn't enough, running a successful business and still being able to enjoy family life initially had its challenges.

As a web developer, I refused to use inferior solutions so created my own dynamic website solution, so people could get a website, without having to take out a mortgage. I found that people where selling websites, and yes they made them look pretty, but nobody knew they website existed, so it defeated the object.

So I created the OneStop website solution, which enabled our customers to have a truely custom built website (no templates) to facilitate there business. Not only that, we created behind the scences coding which marketed the website for you, without having to release equity from your home for an SEO service.

I won't say to much here, as you will find details of this service, through our website. But one thought I will leave you with. If 'Time' is valuable to you, and you realise you need a website for your business, get in touch. Its simple, and the best part is, if you need it updated, just email us your changes and we'll do it for you. This will enable you to concentrate on your business, and regain time to do the things you love. 

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