How much should you pay for a website

The question of "How much you should pay for a website", is an interesting question, which brings about many answers based on perspective. Is there a right answer, a wrong answer?  What do people have to say about this question?

What do web designers say

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sliderbutton03.png "Cheaper priced websites draw difficult clients"
sliderbutton03.png "Expensive design brings a greater demand and expectation from clients"
sliderbutton03.png "Knowledge and experience have a price tag"
sliderbutton03.png "The cost should be based on what the product is worth to the client"
sliderbutton03.png "Depends on what overheads we have"
sliderbutton03.png "A standard website from £350 to £450"
sliderbutton03.png "An e-commerce from £900"
sliderbutton03.png "Bespoke from £6000"

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What do customers say

sliderbutton04.png "You get what you pay for"
sliderbutton04.png "Web design is too expensive" 
sliderbutton04.png "Too many designers are posing as developers"
sliderbutton04.png "Minimum £1000 for a good website"
sliderbutton04.png "I have no idea"

All of the above can be deemed as true, depending on who is being asked the question. A website doesn’t cost, it is an investment, which should bring you a return if done correctly. But let’s not be mistaken, a website needs to be complemented with a marketing strategy in order to achieve its goals (This includes SEO[search page optimisation] and SMO [social media optimisation]). As well as your domain and hosting cost.

So why does the Goodwill Network, who are developers offer so much for so little (£99 design and £25p/m, with free domain and hosting). Why have we created a website platform to create bespoke responsive websites, which the user can control, built in functions to facilitate your marketing strategies (including SEO and SMO), so much more and keep adding more, for no additional costs to their customers.

Our main reason is that we care about people and wanted to make a difference (read our about us page). We used our experience from creating corporate, high value, bespoke websites, to help those who are more financially challenged. The amount of small businesses and new starters we have helped, because their vision exceeded a feasible budget is breathtaking. Having low monthly payments make it affordable for both us and our customers, who use our Onestop Website Solution. 

Every website designer and developer has a customer which was designed for them. We don’t pretend to be for everyone, but endeavour to help all those who need us. The facilities we currently have in our solution would cost in excess of £4000 to a client. Who would have to pay extra, if they wanted us to continue developing more plugins for their website.

With any website design, ensure you can form a good relationship with your designers as you tend to become a number with some big companies (I’m not name dropping, as they are someone’s solution). Don’t let anyone fool you, there is no such thing as a perfect product. At the rate of which the web keeps changing your website needs to keep evolving, or it becomes yesterdays news.

If you would like to know more about what we do, feel free to have a look around our website as we used our Onestop Website platform to design it. How much will you have to pay for the new wave of VR (virtual reality) and AR (argumentative reality) websites. Our customers will get to benefit at no additional costs. But depending on who you are and your perspective , you will hopefully find a solution that works for you. I hope this article has brought you some insight into the world of web design and how you can ensure you get the right service at the right price.

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