How to create a Paypal account


So you have considered having a Paypal account, to either pay for items online or to receive payments online. But is Paypal the right service for you. There are many alternatives, like Stripe, Sagepay, even the emergence of crypto currencies. However this article is about Paypal.

So why use Paypal. A little history into them, they were previously owned by Ebay, but separated to become its own standing entity. Paypal has evolved over time, so as well as sending and receiving payments online, they have teamed up with MasterCard to give you your own debit card to purchase in store. They also have card readers which you can link to your phone or tablet to receive card payments from customers on the go. Well I’m not trying to be an ambassador selling there services, so please visit there website to find out what else they can offer. One thing I would add, if you are a business selling online, paypal has a great reputation for securely processing customer payments and is used globally.

Now if you just want to pay for things online, you need a basic paypal account. However if you wish to receive payments from your website you will need a Paypal business account.

You can link a credit or debit card, or a bank account as a funding source to pay for items. How do you get your money out which has been received from your customers? You can link a bank account as a withdrawal destination.

Well there are lots of areas which can be discussed regarding the use of Paypal, of which there are many tutorials out there which can assist. For now, we just hope you can enjoy this video on setting up your account.

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