How to upload a video to Youtube


Many people take it for granted that most people know how to upload a video to youtube . Which is obviously not the case. Now there are a couple things you should know. Youtube , which is listed as one of the largest search engines behind Google, is actually owned by Google. 

For those of you who have a gmail email account, on purpose, or inherited one when setting up a new android device; You will have an account already waiting for you on Youtube. Thats right, you will just need to include you email address and password, and your account is ready to go.  Please go to Youtube.com and you should see a 'Sign-in' Button in the top right hand corner. Well at least that was the case at the time of writing this article.

I thought it best I show you a video I found on youtube explaining how to upload a video. This briefly covers the signup process, the upload process and a few added extras like  making money from your video.

The Goodwill Network are not affiliated with youtube, but thought it will be useful for that person which didn't know where to start with uploading a video.

There are lots of other customisations and actions which can be done in Youtube. So I would look out for video's on 'optimising your youtube video'.

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