Humble beginnings

humble beginnings

Goodwill Networks Founders Journey

Online we all tend to speak of things new, which there is indeed a place for it. But it is also important to remember where it all began. Sitting in an office, as an IT manager for a global company, i looked out of the window asking myself “is this really all that life had to offer me”. I wanted to do more and help people. I was one of the youngest in the company, and despite me being the only technical mind keeping every electronic system functioning across mutiple uk sites, i was paid less than the warehouse staff, whilst the company turned over 6 figures monthly. Was it because i was young, was it because i was black, i wouldn’t want to speculate as i try to look for the best in others. So I took the plunge and left, in order to start something new, to help others.

In honesty this has been a journey and a half, as the task at hand was enourrmass. But one thing which remained was my hearts vision to help others within the over priced tech sector. Some people have spoken of hard times, but that was the life i had to live in order to bring the vision to life, reinvesting everything back in, in order to share goodwill with those who needed help in the tech sector.

So let me take this time to firstly thank all who had been on the journey with us. Your visions, which we helped bring to life, also assisted us. As we where then able to design systems which could address the real problems people face digitally. Looking back at those influencial clients, which created pivital points in the business, im greatful for them helping lead us to where we are today. I remember all of the birthdays that went by, where i insisted i didnt want anything, but books. The amount of learning i done, on top of my already gained experience was ploughed into helping others and developing a model which far exceeded my expectation on what was possible. 

My gift of turning thoughts to code, had ensured that we didnt copy other platforms, but could look at a problem from the ground up and design a bespoke solution; Refining it, as each new client brought a problem, which could be turned around for the good of all.

With zero investors, I had been waking up every morning at 3am. Whilst most people slept, we created lines and lines of code, in order to make your dreams a reality. We couldn ‘t take on investors as we needed to maintain a goodwill service, to support you. I look at it like this, everyone was chasing an ocean of money, but little did they realise that the ocean is made up of many droplets. So greed could never be an option which i could entertain, as it would come at the expense of my customers. 

With bespoke web system design in over 8 coding languages, server cluster deployment and management, terminal maintenance, deployment and management of remote networks, security auditing, IT consultancy, IT training to groups young and old, graphic design, marketing, accounting and law, where all additional aids which too provided vital insights which i could use to help everyone that came to the Goodwill Network. 

But if im honest, without faith (with an abundance of prayers) and the love and support of my family, this vision would not have been possible. So im very excited as we enter phase 2 of the business and release the additional tech we have been developing in the background to change the game on what is possible online.

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