Is your website turning people away ?


Is your website turning potential customers away? That question may indicate that visitors are arriving at your website then leaving because you failed to engage them. However for a lot of people, the potential customer doesn't even reach your website, because your website is telling search engines " No Customers Allowed ". So if you are getting zero or low visitors, please read on.

no website visitors allowed

So why is your website telling search engines "no visitors allowed?" You may have paid a fortune to get your website made and it looks very pretty, so what are you not seeing?

There are many factors which can affect your success online and block your website from ever been seen. These can be issues like, having irrelevent content (your convinced your page is about one thing, but internet robots see your page info as something completely different). Or someone has copied your content and using it on their website, which google hates. Your website could be generating http errors, bad coding practices, slow server speed, image sizes too big, duplicate/missing meta data or content, titles too long, invalid sitemaps, unfinished/orphaned pages and so many more issues which can demote your website on search engines. 

However if your honest, you only want to know about what is affecting your website and getting in the way of your success. So we have made it simple.

step1.png Use this contact form to enter your website address in the message box

step2.png We will scan your website for FREE, and send you a report of our findings

step3.png You can fix the issues yourself, or we at the Goodwill Network can help you.


If you have never heard of the Goodwill Network, let me take this time to briefly introduce ourselves. We are a Web Service company, who have been established for over 10 years, helping individuals and small businesses become successful online.  We know our clients by name, as you are not a number to us, but real people who want real help from people who care.  So we help you, so you can help yourself. Read more "About us"

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