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Making money with Ads

Making money with Ads, is an interesting topic, which prospectively has many views of opinion. Where to start, as everyone is trying to make that easy money online, with minimal effort.

Who should you advertise with, what type of ads should you have, how easy is it to do, are just some of the questions i’ll address in this article.

I am going to assume, that the reader of this acticle is new to the world of online advertising. Therefore I apologise in advance if you are not, as I initially cover some of the basics. The online ads industry is massive and has seen large organisations fighting over your data, in order to serve you relevant advertising.

Your personal data is collected in many ways, which has lead to many privacy concerns and the introduction of GDPR regulations to back up the data protection act. This was done in order to help you and to regulate, who has control of your data, who has access to it, what is it being used for, how long is it being retained and what data is held. This is a big topic in itself, so I may later create an article to help you understand it better. Although the internet is not short of information and video’s bringing you up to speed in this area.

What are ads


Online Ads involve several parties. Firstly there is the company which sits in the middle and brokers the transaction, of getting an advertisement from the advertiser to the potential customer. It may do this through automated processes but also the use of publishers to display the ads on there websites, blogs and apps. The cycle in theory will see the advertiser gaining more customers. The middle broker and the publisher earning a cut of the advertisers revenue he pays to have his ad shown and the end user which should go on to purchase the item or service they want.

So what to cover in this article. The advertiser or the publisher. My initial thought when creating this article was to focus on the publishers, however as one is reliant on the other, depending on your objectives I needed to address both. 



Who are the advertisers. I am using this word loosely, as an advertiser is someone with content which wants it to be seen by someone else. For the purposes of this article we will see the advertiser as the person which has created an advert of there product which they want there potential customers to see. Just incase your intention was to become an advertiser, know that you don’t necessarily have to create your advert using expensive software (although you can), as there are many automated ways of doing this. Some of which will be provided by the advertising broker. Other people use things like ”canva”, or downloadable apps, which can quickly put together attractive promotional material.

I will address where to advertise later, as this subject is big. So im trying my best to summarise, whilst giving you the vital information and understanding you may require. Stay with me here!

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So you have created some content. The task is now to get it in the hands of your customers. Although you can use blogs, social medias, online directories, forums, search engines and many other advertising companies, as this article was entitled making money with ads, i want to focus on you getting paid from advertising others ads. Yes envitably, as an advertiser you can make money from the sale of your products and services when you get your adverts in the hands of your potential customers. However depending on the route you take, this is more about stratergy. As an example, lets say you have now got the attention of a potential customer. When they click your advertisement, where are you sending them? Is it clear what is on offer, is it interactive and engaging? But more importantly, how easy is it for them to purchase your product or service. As an example i have included two links in the images below of a simple process.


Publishers are the ones who display the advertisers ads on there digital platforms, like websites, blogs videos, forums, directories, search engines, social medias and apps. Many find clever ways to get these ads seen by many viewers to increase there chances of customer views and interactions. The more traffic you can get to those ads the better it is for you. I‘ll explain why shortly.


How do you get paid

how, paid

There are many different types of ads, but for the benefit of this article, I am going to look at being paid as a publisher from the following two user actions. Firstly CPM "cost per impression", which is basically being paid for a visitor to your digital platform viewing your ads. And Secondly, CPC "cost per click" which is being paid for a visitor to your digital platform, clicking on your ads.

So yes, you can get paid from someone viewing an advertisement. However the pay is less than if someone interacts and clicks an advert. It is usually based on per 1k views, which usually pays about $1. Is that it you may ask? For most website publishers the answer is yes. I’ll address this shortly.

When someone clicks on an advert, the pay is more than someone just viewing it and the amount will vary depending on several factors. I mentioned above that it was important the amount of traffic you have coming to the place your advert is displayed. This is because, higher paid advertising companies require you to have more traffic coming to your site in order for you to use there advertising platforms. Some of which require you to have 50k visitors per month.

So what do you do if you have lower amounts of customers coming to your website, like 100, 500, 1000 visitor per month. Firstly I would say, this is highlighting another issue you may have. Be it SEO or another marketing strategy, you need to remember that each stragery is not seperate, but should compliment one another. Secondly, for people just starting out, you can use Google Adsense as they will accept users with smaller monthly visitors. However the last time i checked they would not release any money to you, until you had made your first $60 with them. If you have a Goodwill Network Onestop website don’t worry as we will be able to help you overcome these hurdles.

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