Moving Forward

Where has 2021 gone, as the calendar is showing 2022. It is important that whilst keeping a vision of things to come, we reflect on the past. Celebrate  your achievments, analyse any issues and give thanks to all who helped you to get to this point. However without getting stuck in the past, your now in a good position to set your course for the year ahead.

At the end of December the Goodwill Network, sent a big update to the platform. This included enhancements to the usuabilty of the admin area and various patches. Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback, enabling us to create a better Onestop Website Solution.

As we always do. We will continue to send updates to your website and include additional features to enhance your experience. Well done to all the clients who had made record online sales. We have implemented additional features to support you, with several more on the way. 

With mobile devices being an important part of most peoples lives. We felt it was important to not only make your website mobile friendly to your customers, but your websites administration should be likewise for you; enabling you to update your website on the go. Again thank you for all of your support, as its your feedback which makes this all possible.

We have been accessing our help menus and created a new structure. We thought it was important to provide video's to help you create and manage your website. This had initially been delayed so we could add the additional features to the platform. Watch this space as they will be live shortly.

This year will see the activation of new innovative features being made available to you. You wouldn't believe me if I showed you the list, as most businesses capitalise and don't give such things away. However as always, they are free to use for all of our onestop website users.

We measure our success by how many people we have been able to help, which pushes us to do more for you. Thats not a bad place for you to be in.

Your success is in your hands, of which where possible, we will walk with you, providing the blocks to take you to the next level. Your past was a step toward your future, so keep moving toward your vision, its waiting for you to catch up.

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