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onestopnet network

The Goodwill Network has put together a Onestop Network Infrastructure solution. This IaaS "infrastructure as a service" is remotely managed by our team to keep your business operations running 24/7.

IT Support isn't cheap, and there are no signs of it ever reducing. This fact alone, has prevented many people from deploying secure robust systems, with trained professionals to support it.

We use the lastest technology, to provide a no fuss secure, dynamic and reliable system. With Technology sometimes things can happen, hence why companies employ IT Staff. However, if there is a problem on your network, we will be notified and fix it remotely. We do this all for the small cost of £25p/m. 


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Providing a public wifi

There are many reasons why people setup public wifi's. You could be a cafe, a barber shop, or even a business providing access for guests. But how secure is it.

h4-blue.png Can users access other users devices?

h4-blue.png Can users hack or pass viruses to other network users?

h4-blue.png Can I setup a payment system for my guests?

h4-blue.png Can I set a schedule or system for hours of use?

h4-blue.png Can we afford to support or have the knowledge to provide such a service?

These are just some one the questions that we address with our OneStop Network solution.

Small Office Networks

How secure and reliable is it to receive a router from your broadband provider, and use it as the main device to connect all of your computers. If you are serious about your business and have important files you need to protect, you cannot rely on this device alone.

The back bone of every successful business is a reliable IT infrastructure. From being able to access the internet, allowing staff to securely work from home, sharing printers and scanners, or protecting your files from hackers and viruses (which may be on staff's phones using your wifi). Those are just a few examples of some of the areas we address with the OneStop Network Solution. But not only do we install it, we will support it for you.

But it doesn't stop there. If your business needs a website, we will manage it for you, so you can focus on other areas of your business. Check out our Onestop Website Solution.