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Do you require an innovative website, with all the features you could need, to Sell, Advertise, Blog, Event manage and so much more for only £25p/m. You can change the look of your website in seconds, from the palm of your hand. Being successful online, is so much more than having a pretty website. Unfortunately some people have found out the hard way. So we created this platform to address those issues.

OneStop Website

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The OneStop website, is the latest service to be released by the Goodwill Network, in line with our Onestop Network Service. This service has proved to be a great success amoungst our clients, with a overwhelming demand to faciltate many businesses across an array of industries. Infact, it was proving so successful that we decided to use it to create this website as it made life so much easier for us. Please see our portfolio of sample website examples.

The OneStop website is a SaaS "Software as a service", with an inhouse content management system tailored to give you endless possiblities for a unique website finish. We continually add new functions which you get to use at no additional cost.

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Your customers will find you

We don’t just create you a website, but have designed systems to make your business a success, allowing your customers to easily find you. Say good bye to those ongoing SEO fees. You will now be found within the first few page listings on Google and other top search engines. Additionally we allow your social media presence to work in unison with your website, to ensure you stay a cut above the rest.

It is a known fact that having videos on your website can help retain your website vistors. So we have made it possible for you to link as many youtube videos as you like to your site.

Layout and style


There are many layout types for you to choose from to display your information. How you choose to display your information is entirely up to you. You can truely achieve a unique bespoke finish to your website.

All Onestop websites are responsive, meaning they will automatically adjust to work on your mobile, tablet, laptop and desktops devices. 

Our lightning speed servers and optimised coding, ensures your website will load fast everytime, giving an enjoyable experience to your customers.

Feature updates


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We are continually updating our products and adding new features. The great thing is, you get to use them at no additonal cost.

We take online security very serious, so have ensured every Onestop Website, comes with a free SSL certificate to keep your visitors safe and secure.

We have at every turn, gone that extra step to create scripts to optimise your website, to ensure you are always performing better than your competitors.

The Onestop Website is bundled with amazing features, designed to make the most of the web. There are too many to mention and too valuable to list here for your competitors to see.


Feature Overview

h4-blue.png Integrated Commerce solution

h4-blue.png Integrated Testimonial real

h4-blue.png Integrated Events Management

h4-blue.png Integrated Website Analytics

h4-blue.png Intergated Blogging System

h4-blue.png Integrated Image Gallery

h4-blue.png Social media integration

h4-blue.png Youtube video integration

h4-blue.png Form integrations

h4-blue.png Slide Shows

h4-blue.png Job vacancy listing

h4-blue.png Call to action tabs

h4-blue.png Automated on-page SEO and Markup language

h4-blue.png Live customer chat, with app

h4-blue.png And so much more....

Website management


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Most people, are good at what they do. And our customers are good at managing there business operations. However websites are a completly new ball game. So we have made it simple and always on hand to assist. If you would prefer us to manage it for you, email us your updates, and we'll take care of the rest.

How well is your website really doing. We have incorporated google analytics so you can get indepth insights on how your customers are interacting with your website. 

But just when you thought it couldn't get any better. You can now manage your whole website on the go from your mobile. 

We endevour to provide you the best service, solutions and management for your website. Therefore have scheduled innovative technology updates, to make your website, an effective tool, to compliment you, your business and engage your customers.


Get in touch

If you would like to know more about this service, contact us.


Frequently asked questions


With a onestop website we will register a .co.uk a .org.uk or .uk domain for free, if used as your primary domain. If we register it for you, we will take care of all the renewals at no additional cost.

If you would like more control over your domain or to utilise a .com .org .net or any other domain extension, you can register it with a third party company and we will divert it to us, so your website will work. You will be responsible for all the yearly domain renewals with the third party company.
The Goodwill Network doesn’t provide an email service with the onestop service. This was done to not limit your email storage space as your company grows, and to keep the costs down for the onestop service.
All contact forms can send your website correspondence to an email address of your choosing. Not sure how to proceed. Talk to us, as we have looked at some external solutions to accommodate you, so you can still have your personalised company email addresses.
Cpanel access
With your website you will get an administrative control area where you can manage your website. All technical cpanel controls are managed by the Goodwill Network.
Updating your website
We have made it simple for you to manage your website within your admin area; and regularly run basic and advanced workshops to enable you to take full control (see our events page for workshop dates). However you can request assistance at anytime from within the admin area.
I would like my website to be able to do xyz?
If you dont ask you don’t get. We are continually updating and improving our services to benefit you the customer. Speak to us and share your ideas. If it adds value to what we do, and isn’t already part of our service list, we’ll create it at no additional cost to you.
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Your website is hosted within our UK datacenter, which is continually backed up for peace of mind for our customers. It is not possible to host your website on third party servers.

Is this suitable for my business?

We would like to believe, there is something for everyone within this service, and continually add new features to enhance it. Why not speak to us, so we can see where we can help you.

I already have a website

The question we would ask is, does it represent you? Is it a website which is there because you need one, but despare of the thought of people visiting it. Contact us today.

Receiving payments on my website

This service use's Paypal to process your customer payments. This adds peace of mind for your customers, and flexiblity for them to pay via credit or debit card using a well known global service.

Why are the Onestop websites charged monthly?

There are several reasons why we charge monthly, so let me walk you through them. There are some people who pay thousands for their website to be designed with other companies, as they perceive a website to be an asset. However, just because something looks good, doesn't qualify it, to being considered an asset (Is a car an asset?). In fact, a website is a marketing tool, which should complement your marketing strategy, whilst facilitating your business operations.

Secondly, with technology changing so fast, it makes more sense having a company keeping your website up to date, with no additional costs to you. For those who spent thousands two years back with other companies, now have to spend more again to have something more modern developed. However not those who have an affordable onestop website.

Lastly for those of you who are self employed or run a limited business, this charge can be offset as a marketing expense, which can reduce the amount of tax you have to pay! We therefore just keep adding more features at no additional cost, to make things easier and cost effective for you.

If you are a business with high tax bills, and wanted  to show goodwill and pay us more each month instead of giving it to the government, we would appreciate it. Don't worry if you can't, as we do what we do for the love, always looking for what we can do to help you, as appose to how you can help us. Hence why we keep the prices low, have zero add on costs and continually add new functions which other companies charge for, for free.

There are probably more reasons why we charge monthly. But on reflection, the reasons mentioned above, are enough to conclude the question of "why monthly", although we are happy to discuss it further.