Professional Search Engine Listing

The Goodwill Network has spent countless hours bring innovation to all of our customers. Everyone wants to be first on Google and other search engines, but it seems only the big tech companies have professional listings that stand out.

A listing done correctly


The Goodwill Network has embeded code into our Onestop Website Service to ensure that every website that is created on our platform will have a professional listing on search engines automatically.

This ensures that our customers have listings which rival big brand companies, who pay thousands for their website.


Listings done badly

Now I use the term "badly", when describing these listings, as its just like everyone else's. You dont stand out amoungst thousands of other sites.

Search engines are unable to automatically highlight pages on your website and display it to visitors. So you end up with a block of text. In fact you'll be lucky to have any of your other pages featured in any single search.

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