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The Goodwill Network always try to bring you the latest news on what is trending, to help assist our users to be successful online. So what is Trading 212. Trading 212 is a company that provides access to online trading, without all of the additional costing you will find with banks, and other trading organisations. Its a great way, for those who are totally new to online trading and a quick way to generate money online, making your money work for you, instead of you working for money. But for those of you who already trade, you can do it without the additional costs.

I have an exclusive link here, which will allow you to get a free share worth up to £100, to get you started. And all you will need to do is invest £1. Is it really that simple? Well infact yes it is. Some of my associates which have used this link, received shares in Fitbit, Ebay, and BMW to name a few for FREE.  This is an exclusive offer and wont last for ever so don’t delay. Do your research on them if you need to, check out the competition, and i know you will have little doubt about starting to trade online with them. Links within this article will ensure you get a free share in a company when you sign up.

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You can sell the free share if you want and receive the share value price, Or use it as your initial seed to start your online trading experience, and increase your portfolio. To qualify, all you need is to invest £1. You don’t need to invest anymore than this unless you know of a company, you want to directly purchase shares in. Like me, all you’ll need to do after you sign up, is share the link, and you will get an additional share in a company up to the value of £100, as well as the person who signs up. Before you know it, you will have lots of shares in different companies worth £££.

Just like the Goodwill Network there are many companies who aim to change our world by providing unrivalled value to help people. So don’t miss out! 

If you access this offer whilst using your mobile, you will be taken to your app store to download the trading 212 app, where you can create your account. Create an Investment or Investment ISA account to get your free shares.

A few videos for insight

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Trading 212 have lots of help video's on Youtube, so I've rounded up a few to get you started. Some of those videos, will give you insight to take your investing to a new level. But if you want a quick £1 invest lets get started


What happened when this lady used Trading 212. She was inspired to create this video on facebook live.



The Goodwill Network will, additionally pay the first 10 signups £5 when they successfully signup via our link. Please be sure to contact us before hand, to ensure you are within the first 10.

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