Unlocking The Power Of Goodwill


Bringing 'goodwill' back to its true meaning has been our vision, whose benefits we have been able to share with individuals from all over the world.

Everything and everyone is going online, whilst many people are increasingly unable to afford their needs, let alone pursue their visions. The Goodwill Network have decided to be the change we want to see in order to shape the environment around us, creating a rewarding future for all.


Where it began

Unlocking the power of goodwill saw the pioneering Goodwill Network, support businesses by using our goodwill to offer our IT skills and services. In return, users had the opportunity to offer a goodwill donation for the work done. This model was amazing, as it was able to meet people where they were, ensuring everyone could grow.

The journey

In order to build the infrastructure required to fulfil the company vision of having Goodwill services across every market and industry, we had setup a monthly charging system, to reinvest all raised capital back into its growth. But we still operated in goodwill, by providing the services people needed at a rate affordable to them.

Where we are now

Our vision will see the base ‘goodwill’ model return, creating a global network of goodwill services across every market and industry. But just so you know, this model is not limited to tech services only, and the vision is to help others to help themselves across every market sector.

How is it possible

We are turning talented individuals skills into a more rewarding future for themselves and enhancing the lives of those users who benefit from the goodwill service being provided. There are a lot of good people out there who need your goodwill, and you need theres, thus completing a circle of abundance for everyone. We are looking for pioneers to make this a reality, by being the change we want to see.

This model is not about cheap services,  this is about making sure nobody lacks anything and is able to gain access to every industry service they choose, whilst ensuring people can be there own boss and work in the areas they are passionate about.

Who do we need

This Goodwill vision requires three types of people, 'Service Providers', 'Service Users' and 'Community Support'. Only decent humans need be included, who naturally have goodwill at their core. Any exploitation of a goodwill service, will result in the exclusion from ‘All’ services present and future across the Goodwill Network; Returning you back to external general public services, many of which are designed to work against you, instead of for you.

bl-service provider.png

Market Service Providers

Are you a skilled individual and want to become a market leader in your craft. Do you love what you do, so much that it isn’t work but something you can wake up and do with a genuine smile. Maybe your just starting out in a field of passion and require training and an opportunity.

bl-service user.png

Market Service Users

Are you tired of being a number on somebodies bank account, being a victim of their success. Do you need access to services from service providers which care about you. We need to hear from you, as we can bring you the services our communities need.

bl-community supporters.png

Community Supporters

Your ideas on what services matter within our communities, will help us provide the things which matter to you. Maybe you would just like to give a donation so we can invest in areas which need an injection of goodwill.



Let us know how the Goodwill Network can support you and your community. If You have a service you would like to provide, or you are in need of a goodwill service, get in touch.  We are human just like you and care about creating a more rewarding future for all.

Some visitors have asked how they can financially support this global community project. We have placed a paypal link on our About Us page, so you can make a secure donation via paypal.

Please be sure to tell a friend, to tell a friend, as they may be the next person who could benefit from the gift of Goodwill.

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