When to update your website

Updating your website is not a question of "If you should", but more of a question of "When you should". When we take a moment to look around at every aspect of life, change is always happening, so why should your website be any different.

I ask, when did you last update your website?

Updating your website, usually brings up an array of questions. Why, How, What, Where and When.

sliderbutton03.png Why should you update your website, as you have the same products or services.

sliderbutton03.png Where should you update and what should you update it with?

sliderbutton03.png How can you update your website, how much will it cost? 

sliderbutton03.png When should you update your website?

So I'm going to help you answer some of those questions.


Many of the visitors to your website, will not engage with your services, until they have returned more than once. It is good to show consistency in what you do, but a company which doesn't innovate its activities, will have an expiry date.

Your updates do not have to be life changing, but must add value to not only new visitors, but returning ones as well.

With the Goodwill Network, updating your website is FREE and easy.

Where / What

Sharing company news with your visitors, is a great way of making them a part of your journey. It gives them insight into your direction, awareness of your achievments, and gives them more to talk about when referring your business. Having your current news on the home page or in the footer works great, as well as within your blogs.

When blogging, sharing industry news, guides, current events and trends is a great way of interacting with customers. Remember to share these blogs on your social media platform, to expand your reach. This is all possible from our Onestop Websites.


If your asking yourself "How can I?" your in a good place. Its the people who say "Can I do it", which I'm worried about. If you have one of our 'Onestop websites' its easier than you think. Once you log in, its straight forward and theres lots of help if you need it. We've even gone as far to say, email us the content and we'll do it for you free of charge. We have made it so you can update your website from your mobile, whilst on the go.

If you have a Wordpress or other website, there maybe some books out there to teach you. But you will have to pay to get a designer to do the updates for you.


When you update your website is entirly up to you, but you "should" do it. We have made it easy for our Onestop Website users to quickly update there website in seconds from there phone, tablet or computer, without having to know anything about coding. We try and blog at least once a month, some people are daily or weekly.

For those of you who prefer to update and share your information through blogs, weather you use social media or not, our Onestop websites will allow search engines to pick up your content and list it, without you having to do anything.


onestop banner

Updating your website, doesn't have to be a difficult task, if you have the right solution to do it. If you haven't updated your website, and the thought of it scares you, speak to us. Our Onestop websites, are always backed up, and can be restored in seconds. For those of you who are more tech savvy, if your not already updating your website, don't delay.

Our Onestop Websites were working so well for our customers, that we used it to create this website. In seconds, at the press of a button, we can create a custom look to our website for seasonal events, whilst relaxing on our phone. As well as write blogs like this, to share with you.

We created this solution to "help people, to help themselves" with a website for £25p/m. People spend more at Pizza Hut and it adds no value to you! Checkout our blog "How much should you pay for a website".

Overall, I hope you have had some food for thought. You might be suprised by the results.

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